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From Istanbul to Patras

From Istanbul to Patras

From Istanbul to Patrasby Cosmin JitariucIstanbul was a touchstone for the Circumeuropa crew. The musician Petre Ionuțescu's concert, broadcast live from the deck of the boat while "Gaia" was crossing the Bosphorus, was a moment of concentration, tension,...

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Mangalia-Istanbul. Bosphorus in trumpet sound

Mangalia-Istanbul. Bosphorus in trumpet sound

by Cosmin Jitariuc Mangalia meant for the Circumeuropa team an end of a stage and a beginning at the same time. The crew disembarked from the "Vulpea", the boat with which they scored several firsts on the water route from Timișoara to the Black Sea, and boarded the...

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Circumeuropa has started.

Circumeuropa has started.

First stage: Bega and the Danube-Tisa-Danube canal by Cosmin Jitariuc Saturday, May 27th, 2023, the Circumeuropa project started. It was a start full of emotions, with breakups and meetings, with hugs and tears. The team formed by Cristian Ilea, director of...

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Attack of the logs

Attack of the logs

On the morning of May 30th we were awakened by loud bangs in the boat. It was a battle of several hours. In the end we escaped unharmed and were able to continue our expedition. 

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Circumeuropa in adevă  Translation of the article: Circumeuropa, the first sea-river expedition of a Romanian crew around Europe, will leave from Bega and will make stops in 15 former...

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Circumeuropa launch

Circumeuropa launch

PRESS RELEASE 21 February 2022 CIRCUMEUROPA, the first sea-river expedition of a Romanian crew around Europe, ready for launch. The Wild Watch Association announces the launch of CIRCUMEUROPA, the first Romanian maritime expedition of a Romanian crew around Europe....

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Inland waters navigation

Inland waters navigation

  Circumeuropa also means travelling distances on inland waters. We're talking here about developed rivers and waterways. In Europe there are over 37 000 kilometres of waterways and canals linking hundreds of cities and regions. In the European Union, 20 countries...

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Timisoara  – the little Manchester

Timisoara – the little Manchester

I found out the following quote in an article (“Timișoara, the little Manchester”) wrote by our friend Marius Cosmeanu:  "We can say that the goods produced in Timișoara have a market in all European states, as well as overseas. Nowadays, the housewife in Germany uses...

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Our dream

Our dream

  Our dream was born in Timisoara, a city in western Romania, situated at a considerable distance from the seas and oceans. But Timisoara, a city of world and European firsts, is also a pioneer in the field of navigation. In the not-too-distant past, the port of...

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First navigation instructions on Bega

First navigation instructions on Bega

Found the first navigation directions on Bega. It is true that they are from 1796. I don't know why, but I think we should keep them in mind... “Iată starea canalului descrisă de caporalul pontonier, Franz Ulrichsberger, într-un raport din 20 octombrie 1796, scris la...

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