Circumeuropa also means travelling distances on inland waters. We’re talking here about developed rivers and waterways.

In Europe there are over 37 000 kilometres of waterways and canals linking hundreds of cities and regions. In the European Union, 20 countries have inland waterways, out of which 12 countries have interconnected networks. This is how we can put into practice our project to encircle Europe on water. Inland waterway transport is a competitive alternative to road and rail transport and reduces energy consumption, noise and polluting emissions. Energy consumption per tonne-kilometre is 17% of the energy consumption of road transport and about 50% of rail transport.

Romania’s waterway network is very rich. We have over 9 000 km of rivers, but just over 1 200 km of waterways. The Danube is the main and longest inland waterway in Romania, 1075 km. And the rest is made up of the Danube-Black Sea Cannal, theoretically 64.4 km navigable, the Poarta Albă-Midia Năvodari Cannal, 31.2 km and the Bega Cannal 44.5 km.

Circumeuropa tells you what inland navigation looks like in other countries we plan to cross.