Circumeuropa becomes part of the cultural program TM2023 and takes the cultural capital around Europe

Timisoara, May 3rd, 2023 

The SEA 2023 expedition of the Circumeuropa crew, a project that breaks the classic formats, a “caravan” on the water, sets off on May 27, at 10:00 a.m. with the “Vulpea” boat behind the Cathedral, Bridge 16 area, through the sluice from Sânmihaiu Român and Uivar, on the Danube and then by sea to Elefsina, surrounds the continent and returns to Timisoara from the North Sea on the network of canals, rivers and the Danube. The voyage on the sea and the Atlantic Ocean is scheduled to take place on the sailboat “Gaia”.

With the funding granted by the Project Center following the European Echoes call (Funded medium projects, SEA 2023 – Circumeuropa Stage I), for the first stage of the water journey around Europe, on the route Timișoara – Elefsina, on May 3 Circumeuropa becomes part of TM23 and announces the calendar of events already scheduled.

May 9th – the exhibition of the “Vulpea” boat at the concert organized by the House of Culture on the occasion of Europe Day in Freedom Square

May 10th – 22nd – captain Cristian Ilea inspects and prepares the sailboat Gaia and brings it from Lefkada to Sulina

May 23rd – the Circumeuropa crew puts the “Fox” on the water, on the Bega Cannal

May 27th – departure, behind the Metropolitan Cathedral, at 10:00. At 10:15 there is a short musical moment with Petrică Ionuțescu at the Iron Bridge.

Transshipment from “Vulpea” to “Gaia” will happen at Sulina.

On June 25th-27th, at the crossing of the Bosphorus, there will be a concert on the boat with live streaming in Timișoara with the trumpeter Petrică Ionuțescu.

In Elefsina on July 12ve and in Patras on July 15th, there will be performances with the Timișul Ensemble and, on the occasion of these cultural events, the Spotlight Timișoara application will be demonstrated and used on VR equipment with free access to the public. The partner is the House of Culture of the Municipality of Timișoara with the Timișul Ensemble. At Elefsina, the expedition also presents the exhibition of the Greek photographer Nikos Economópulos.

The research activities will be carried out throughout the expedition and will consist of taking water samples and determining some biophysiochemical parameters of the water, putting them in a global context by comparing them with data collected using the equipment on board and sending certain samples to the partner laboratory for other types of analyses.

The “Vulpea” boat, brought from Austria and which will be used mainly on rivers, canals and the Danube, has already been in Timișoara since April 19.

“We purchased the Vulpea boat to be sure that we will be able to complete the expedition around Europe,” says Cristian Ilea. “We plan to sell places on the boat for those who want to help us and be part of the adventure, we are looking for sponsors for the research equipment and we are starting a crowdfunding campaign. On our website we will publish all the details about the expedition and how you can join us”, says Cristian Ilea, the initiator of the project.

He adds: “We received funding to cover the first segment of the expedition, between Timișoara and Elefsina, and thus our boats and crew become the ambassadors of Timișoara in Europe. Our expedition combines sailing and the passion for it with three areas of interest: (1) culture, (2) ecology and scientific research, and (3) journalism and storytelling. We will be a laboratory on water that will transmit data about the health of the environment, promoting the idea that our health depends on the health of rivers, seas and oceans, and at the same time that cultural exchange with the cities where the expedition will reach is essential. During the six months, a documentary will be made of this unique expedition that will show Europe from a lesser-known perspective”, concludes Ilea.

SEA 2023 is the first river-sea expedition of the Romanian crew Circumeuropa (the name means navigation around Europe), which leaves from the heart of Timișoara in May 2023 and makes stops in over 20 former and current European cultural capitals to promote Timișoara in the year that the city holds the title of European Capital of Culture. The initiative belongs to Cristian Ilea, captain, president of Wild Watch Romania and director of photography. The crew that will be with him is made up of Cosmin Jitariuc, TV journalist, biologist Oana Gavriliuc, Valentin Bogdan, owner of the Gaia boat and Doru Creț, president of the West Yacht Club.

The expedition is an umbrella event, providing a special setting for cultural exchange with the cities it will reach and hosting city cultural ambassadors on the different sailing segments. It is also a research vehicle, as a map of water quality and micro-organisms will be made during the journey, which is an important independent research in the field of ecology. The trip will be documented on social media and a documentary of this unique expedition that will show Europe from a lesser known perspective will also be produced. And finally, the initiators hope that their project will give a new dimension to a development axis of the city of Timișoara, the Bega canal, in a truly original and very ambitious way, from the symbolic value that such a project can have for the mother city – optimism, the hope for a better future and, indisputably, an occasion of pride for the entire polis, until all future concrete results. The documentary produced during the SEA 2023 expedition will show the people of Timisoara, and not only them, how far you can go by water, starting right from the heart of the city.

The project is part of the national cultural program “Timișoara – European Capital of Culture in 2023” and is financed by the European Echoes program, run by the Project Center of the Municipality of Timișoara, with amounts allocated from the state budget, through the budget of the Ministry of Culture.

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