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Resilience of the aquatic environment confronted with climate change.

Investigate the health status of freshwater and marine habitats along SEA23 route by measuring relevant biological and physico-chemical parameters associated with water quality. Incorporate local information into the global framework of ocean health assessments by comparing it with data collected by similar expeditions and initiatives



Human impact on the aquatic environment. Emerging pollutants/contaminants.

Investigate the presence of anthropogenic emerging contaminants that might cause polluting effects in aquatic environments in the water samples collected along the SEA23 route.




Measure biodiversity by investigating the invisible life of aquatic ecosystems

Assemble a genomic catalogue of local aquatic biodiversity at relevant locations along SEA23 route, at the microbiome level (including bacteria, viruses, fungi, as well as single-cell eukaryotes such as microalgae, which are part of the phytoplankton).

With your help we can make the Earth a better place!

The high-performance equipment required for the measurements is essential for the completion of our project. Do your part in finding out the truth about the level of pollution in Europe’s waters.

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Portable digital multimeter for measuring water quality
– 15.000 Euro – 

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Nanopore minION portable device for DNA sequencing
– 20.000 Euro –

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– 30.000 Euro – 

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Our Mission and Aproach

Healthy waters are fundamental for all life forms on Earth, but they are in a critical moment now. Culture is essential for our development as intelligent human beings. Sport is basic for mankind health.
We are determined to do everything we can for helping on all these. It is an enormous challenge to become proactive for the next years in all that is related to culture and environment. 
This is the opportunity we have for making a significant impact at European level. Culture, Science and Sport – our means for accelerating change as there is no more time to waste.” Cristian Ilea

Exploration as a state of mind has always been one of the engines of human evolution. The time has come for evolution to mean exploration to save: marine life, wildlife and stop pollution.

Euros From Sponsors

Community support is essential to the development of this project.


When passion and responsibility overcome all barriers.

EuroS From DonaTions

Our community started growing from the year 2021

Areas of development

Circumeuropa develops the Sail Europe Around 2023 project in three distinct directions: culture, research, journalism.

Marine MILES

No distance is too far to carry our dream to the end and beyond.

Cities Visited

The points where we will stop will be surprising for us too. There are always surprises at sea.


This list is constantly growing. We are also amazed by the trust given.

Water Samples

The budget obtained with your help will dimension the scope of our research.

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