În the CIRCUMEUROPA expedition we set out:
Research and document the health level of the waters that are planned to be sailed on
Promote Bega as navigation channel and Timisoara as a port in North Sea or Black Sea
Promote artists from Timisoara in the most important cities of Europe
Promote sailing and yachting – a sport for which team spirit is the most important element

Let us tell you the story of a great city and the community around it.

Timișoara, Romania, was the first European city that had electricity (1884). And the first city that used the tram as a public mobility option (1869). The first newspaper in Romania was printed in Timișoara, and it was the first Romanian city proclaimed free of comunism (1989). It was the European Capital of Culture in 2023 and it is the only Romanian city with Theatres in three languages (Romanian, Hungarian and German). If you like coffee, maybe it’s time for us to remind you that Francesco (Ferencz) Illy was born in Timișoara. And…are you familiar with the name Jeanette d’Honorath? Maybe you will be from now on, learning that she was the first love of Beethoven, before moving, living and dying in Timișoara.

It was, as well, the first city that decided to use inland waters for transportation. Bega River was the first Romanian cannal used for commercial purposes, contributing substantially to the development of the region. And, last year, we proudly became the first crew that used this cannal to cross the border after 70 years. We wanted to take with us on board all the history, culture and multicuturality that Timișoara has and show it to the rest of Europe while we raise the awareness for ecosystem protection needs. We called it Circumeuropa – Sail Europe Around 2023. Four people on a boat left Timișoara on May 28th to show that Timișoara is well connected on water with all seas around Europe and that Bega River can be used for transportation and water tourism. Circumeuropa took out of country the cultural heritage and promoted European Capital of Culture – we managed to organize three events (in Istanbul, Elefsina and Patras). And, equally important, we wanted to create awarness on the impact created by human touch over ecosystem, especially on waters. We travelled on two rivers and three seas and pushed the “pause” button in Lefkada, at the end of summer.More than 1600 nautical miles already travelled, now we move to Rhone, Rin, Main, then back to Danube, Tisa and our beloved Bega River.

In 2024, we aim to finish what we started and to come back home on inland waters. Ourproject expended its goals: to show how fragmented the European inland waters are, to document on tape and in photos how human and nature affect each other and to create awareness on the longitudinal connectivity on inland waters. For achieving this, we need your support to cover security requirements for the boat as well as the production and post-production of the expedition documentary.

See what we’ve done so far:



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